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GAC Milan Design Week Exhibition / 2024.

Our advanced design studio is located in Milan, via Tortona. It is an ideal spot to show our latest creations during the design week every year in April.

For this second edition ( see our first edition GAC DW2023 on this website ), we displayed 3 projects :

1 - the Hyper SSR EV supercar ( GAC premium EV brand )

2 - Car Culture project #3 : city cars.

3 - Inside-Out project of fine art school students from Beijing (CAFA)

GAC advanced design studio Milan team.



Stephane JANIN - Design Director

Yann JARSALLE - Studio Chief

Edouard SUZEAU - Designer (City cars animation art direction)

Valerio VESSELLA - Senior Designer (City Pod exter design)

Geraud GORDIAS - Designer (City Pod inter design)

Tom HYLTON - Designer (City Box exter design)

Alexis PONCELET - Designer (City Box inter design + visualization)

Axel ERBEYLI - Designer (City Run exter design)

Artur RYNDIN - Senior Designer (City Run inter design)

Thibault DEVAUZE - Strategy Chief

Daniele COSTA - Interior Design Chief

Florian WALTHER - Senior Designer

Boram YOO - CMF designer

Thomas PELLERIN - Chief modeler

Victor PELIN - Modeler

Slimane TOUBALE - Modeler

Kevin ABRAMO - Visualization

Sai GAO - Project Manager

Cheng LEIHAO - HR Manager

Yile XIANG - Finance Manager

find more at :

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