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GAC car culture project 2 : Van Life / Milan Design Week / 2023.

Our idea was to create an object that you can really travel with, allowing you to go very far from your home. In our dreams, it could almost replace aircrafts even when it comes to do more than 2000 km. That is why the silhouette (body type) is a van but streamlined and rather compact in order to be efficient and to make the best of electrification technology.

This concept-car highlights what is great about being able to go wherever you want to. New technologies allow you to go to remote places without rejecting any particles in the atmosphere, you are moving silently surrounded by beauty. We believe that cars are not just objects that move people from A to B. We think they could be seen as machines that create good memories.

Our interior design concept is called : 'Orbital Frame Concept'. Users are surrounded by a structure that goes all around the cabin. All you need can be plugged or attached to it. From existing features like bags or smartphone to custom made elements such as trays or hammock. We also aim to use and re-use existing features instead of wasting materials and energy to make new ones.

The Car Culture 2 project design team :


Head of GAC design worldwide : Fan Zhang

Design Director GAC Milan : Stephane JANIN (exter + inter design) 

Studio Chief GAC Milan : Yann JARSALLE (exter + inter design)

Chief Modeler : Thomas PELLERIN

Designer (visualization + sound design) : Alexis PONCELET 

Designer (visualization + sound design) : Edouard SUZEAU 

Visualization : Kevin ABRAMO


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