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GAC Design Studio Milano / 2022.

Chinese brand GAC Motors for who I'm working for has decided to open a new advanced design studio in Europe.

Among the main design studio in Guangzhou, GAC has already advanced studios in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

The new studio is located in Tortona district, Milan, Italy, known for being one of the most important spot during

the Design week. It used to be Giovanni Gastel's photo studio. The famous photographer unfortunately

passed away few vears ago and his sons decided to rent the place. We - with the agreement of Mr Gastel's

family - decided to keep some part of the studio unchanged in memory of his tather : His office and his

amazing collection of books are remaining there.

The other idea we had about how to do this project was to celebrate Italian and Milanese lifestyle. We

decided to create a new type of office layout by designing first a cafe : GAC cafe ! When you enter the place,

you think vou are in a cool and cosy coffee shop but after few minutes you discover that there is a car

design studio hidden behind the bookshelves !


The GAC Milano studio team :

Fan ZHANG - VP, Head of Design, GAC R&D

Stephane JANIN - Design Director

Yann JARSALLE - Studio Chief

Thibault DEVAUZE - Strategy Chief

Valerio VESSELLA - Senior Designer

Florian WALTHER - Senior Designer

Alexis PONCELET - Designer

Edouard SUZEAU - Designer

Axel ERBEYLI - Designer

Gao SAl - Project Manager

Cheng LEIHAO - HR Manager

Yile XIANG - Finance Manager

Kunyan WEl - Project Manager (GZ)

Fei HAN - Finance Manager (GZ)

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