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GAC car culture project 1 : The Barchetta / 2022.

To celebrate the opening of our new GAC advanced design studio in Milan - fully digital, light, agile, creative - we have designed a concept-car which takes his inspiration in the Italian car culture from the 50's : the barchetta body type. We mixed it with modern design influences and high-tech electric technology from GAC China.

The chassis is ultra flat and contains compact batteries a bit like if it would be a giant mobile phone. The shell (body) made out of aluminum is 'mono-material' and super lightweight. The seats - made of recycled plastic - are suspended to the shell and weight only 3 kg : the strength is obtained by the tension on the straps.

The style is minimal and timeless in order the vehicle not to age and be sustainable.


The Barchetta design team :


Head of GAC design worldwide : Fan Zhang

Design Director GAC Milan : Stephane Janin

Studio Chief GAC Milan : Yann Jarsalle

Senior designer (Barchetta final design) : Valerio Vessella

Strategy Chief : Thibault Devauze

Designer : Alexis Poncelet

Designer : Edouard Suzeau

find more at :

Resat (17).jpg

GAC car culture project 1 : Goodies.

We offered a GAC Barchetta scale model ( limited edition : 160 units ) and a brochure explaining our project to the guets who attended our opening event on the 26th of October 2022. 


The GAC team / oct.2022 :

Fan ZHANG - VP, Head of Design, GAC R&D

Stephane JANIN - Design Director

Yann JARSALLE - Studio Chief

Thibault DEVAUZE - Strategy Chief

Valerio VASSELLA - Senior Designer

Florian WALTHER - Senior Designer

Alexis PONCELET - Designer

Edouard SUZEAU - Designer

Axel ERBEYLI - Designer

Gao SAl - Project Manager

Cheng LEIHAO - HR Manager

Yile XIANG - Finance Manager

Kunyan WEl - Project Manager (GZ)

Fei HAN - Finance Manager (GZ)

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